RE: RE-use, RE-cycle, RE-duce.
R like Rescue, Reborn, Revalue
E like Eco-sustainability, circular Economy, Ethics
49 It’s the beginning of a dream, when our company was founded by Valentino, my great grandfather and the first craftsman and visionary of the Masolini family.


All RE49 collections are limited editions, made with the circular economy model, traceable through the Blockchain, and PETA approved vegan.


The materials we use in our atelier are at the center of our vision of progress. Their stories inspire the creativity of our artisans, who heal the broken soul of wasted objects and orchestrate a symphony of gestures to create new life and new purposes. Forgotten beach deckchairs and umbrellas of long summers spent on the Riviera become our Mare sneakers, and worn-out spinnakers that sailed through Mediterranean waves are reborn in our Sail collection. New adventures to live, new pages to write.


We do not fear the passing of time, and we believe in continuity and the infinite ability to reinvent ourselves and our world. Thus, our mission is to repurpose discarded objects and transform them into precious works of art to be worn with pride, because RE49 shoes are a message of love to our planet, from the moment they are born, to when they are chosen. By YOU. Because you choose to buy more consciously and you want to be part of the fashion revolution with US.

Nicola Masolini