We are
Dreamers, artists, and artisans, and we are the most sustainable shoe brand in the world,
producing unique Made in Italy products, according to the circular economy model.
we do today is
for the children
of tomorrow


We produce limited edition shoes with recovered, reused, regenerated materials that would otherwise become a waste and most probably end up in landfills. Our mission is to repurpose discarded objects and transform them into precious works of art, to be worn with pride, because RE49 shoes are a message of love to our planet.
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Slow fashion
is more than
a vocation,
it is our way
of life

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The world has changed

The world has changed, and so have we. We innovated and transformed our family shoe production company, which dates back to 1949, into a new business, based on the circular economy model. We give a second chance to waste materials and convert them into our shoes, which are sustainable, carbon neutral, PETA-Vegan approved. We also apply the Blockchain technology to our products, to shift towards a more transparent market and ensure full traceability of all materials within our supply chain.
Our sustainable world


There is a story behind the materials we recover to create our handmade products: forgotten beach deckchairs and umbrellas of long summers spent on the Riviera become our Mare sneakers, and worn-out spinnakers that sailed through Mediterranean waves are reborn in our Sail collection. Their stories inspire the creativity of our artisans, who heal the broken soul of wasted objects and orchestrate a symphony of gestures to create new life and new purposes.
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The future
of fashion

The past is our lesson, the present is where we can still make a difference and the future is our motivation. We are part of the sustainability revolution, against the fashion industry which is slowly (or rapidly?) killing the planet. Through products, habits, and ecological integrity, we aim at rebuilding a genuine connection between people and the environment, respecting the value of time and natural resources.
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We dream
about passing
on our know-how
and values to
new generations

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