The world of fashion, which anticipates trends and predicts their future impact, is going towards one direction: ethical fashion, sustainability and traceability thanks to Blockchain technology.

So, could we say that one of the most polluting industries on the planet has finally chosen to be sustainable? Not yet, but brands are working on it.

To fight against issues like fashion counterfeiting or greenwashing, some European luxury brands like Bulgari, Cartier, Louis Vuitton and Prada have launched a project based on the Blockchain technology, to guarantee transparency, ethics and product quality.

Since 2018, the fashion industry has been using Blockchain technology to ensure that information is collected properly and that sustainable sourcing and traceability can be verified throughout the supply chain.

It is a transparent system that guides consumers along the production process of purchased items.

All RE49 shoes are traceable through the Blockchain technology: inside the tongue of the shoe there is a microchip that shows how our production process is transparent in every stage. We are a sustainable brand and we are proud to demonstrate our ethical credentials.


A Blockchain is a digital ledger where information is recorded and encrypted in a system which is impossible to change or hack.
Through Blockchain technology the authentic story of a product can be traced from raw materials to processing, packaging, shipment, all the way down to the store where the item is going to be sold.
With their smartphones, consumers can find out all the relevant information of a product. By pointing a smartphone over the tongue of our shoes, consumers will be able to see that RE49 produces sustainable shoes in a circular economy model: we reuse, recover and regenerate materials and resources that will be recycled into new products.

Brands looking towards the future and shining light on their blind spots

Reformation, a famous brand based in Los Angeles, in collaboration with FibreTrace™, created the first sustainable jeans with a special fibre that is Blockchain-traceable: a bioluminescent ceramic pigment, that can withstand all production stages, is added to the fibres at the beginning of the supply chain, and acts almost like a serial code that can be scanned to get information from sourcing to production.

With their “Traceable wool” capsule collection, the brand Hugo Boss invested in research to find new and more sustainable wool production/processing methods. And, thanks to the Blockchain technology, traceability and transparency have been improved throughout the supply chain, in a circular economy model.

Sustainable fashion is a revolutionary concept that aims at a better future through ethics and commitment to change. Thanks to innovative technology like the Blockchain, consumers will finally be able to make informed choices.

RE49 is part of the fashion revolution and we made our choice, what about you?

Everything we do today is for the children of tomorrow.


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