Reducing our environmental impact has been our top priority. At RE49 we are proud to be born as changemakers: from the very beginning of our company, our mission has been driven by the need to take action for the climate, with both today and tomorrow in mind. The outcome is our sustainability promise: to make a difference for future generations.

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From a traditional leather shoe production, we completely redefined our business and are now producing shoes with recycled, recovered, animal-free, vegan materials and resources that are otherwise wasted and could easily end up in landfills. Every single part of our shoes is made with recycled materials. At RE49, collaboration is crucial, which is why we also offer to other companies an innovative solution to recover the value of discarded materials and create new resources, by finding the best way to revive excess inventory, unused raw materials, or textile waste.


RE49 produces sustainable fashion: the future generations are in our hands and it is our responsibility to make a move towards this ongoing situation and fight against fast fashion. Behind low prices, most of the times, high environmental and human rights costs are hiding. We want to partner with leading brands and companies to find options to shape the industry from the inside out, at both local and global level, throughout the value chain, promoting better working conditions, social integration, inclusion and equality of rights. As we are running out of time and resources, it is up to us, individuals and organizations, who genuinely care, to try and change the general mindset. Through our action, we have the power to educate, influence, inspire and motivate.


To create our shoes, we use waste materials like beach umbrellas and chairs, sails and fabrics without processing them, so that we can further cut on CO2 emissions, and we are investing in novel solutions to minimize the amount of material we use in the first place. Our production method is 100% carbon neutral, and we aim at reducing our footprint to zero in less than five years, also by partnering with companies that share our concerns and objectives. Moreover, we are planning to switch to renewable energy and implement water saving methods during manufacturing. In the fashion industry, sustainability and circular economy are the solution to cut on CO2 emissions and save water through the production process of shoes and apparel. Less consumption, more clean energy to save the planet.


We do not use materials of animal origin. All RE49 shoe collections are made with the circular economy model and are PETA-approved vegan and Cruelty Free, which means that every single part of our shoes does not contain any material of animal origin and was not tested on animals. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is the largest animal rights organization in the world.

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Inside the RE49 shoe tongue there is a microchip: information about our ethical approach in the production process is stored with the Blockchain technology. Every single phase of our production is sustainable and we want to ensure full traceability of all materials within our supply chain, which is why we are proud to say that we are the most sustainable shoe brand in the world, in circular economy.

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Fashion crosses history and is a mirror of time. And since it can also be the voice of time, we want to be slow fashion ambassadors: we love our planet and we want to preserve it. Everything we do today is for the children of tomorrow.

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