All RE49 collections are the result of the infinite ability to reinvent ourselves and our world. Thanks to the creativity of our artisans, the experience of our family and our new vision of progress, wasted objects, like beach umbrellas, deckchairs, worn-out sails and fabrics are reborn into our shoes, which are PETA-approved vegan and super stylish. Our origins are at the heart of all RE49 collections, and our eyes are on the future.


Forgotten, worn-out beach deckchairs and umbrellas become our colorful sneakers, that will remind you of the scent of the sea and take you back to beautiful windswept shores in summertime.
Dive in!


Worn-out sails that navigated through Mediterranean waves are reborn into our shoes: an exclusive, strong and durable material for a sassy collection.


Denim is a cherished material, but, among fabrics, its production is one of the less sustainable. For this reason, we convert denim waste into durable, sustainable shoes, perfect for all ages and styles.
Rise up!


Production and inventory waste of industrial fabric become iconic and exclusive shoes to be worn with pride.
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Limited Editions

All RE49 are limited, exclusive and unique editions, because they are made with excess inventory fabrics or repurposed materials like sails, beach umbrellas and deckchairs. We are producing shoes with recycled, recovered, animal-free, vegan materials that are otherwise wasted and could easily end up in landfills.

We are always looking for new materials and exclusive fabrics with amazing stories to be told

Any ideas?